New Projects

‘The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’  (Ernie Pine, psychic detective. 80,000 words)

‘I hate ghosts! I’ve played follow-the-leader with a bunch of dead men, fronted up to a demon with all my runes round the wrong way, been half strangled by a book illustration, nearly killed by a bunyip in a launderette washing machine. So when Raissa invited me to a séance I was sure was a fake but turned out to be real, I knew there could only be trouble for Ernie Pine. And there was – wedging a witch, an apprentice magician, an alcoholic Vietnam veteran and me all too literally between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea …’

‘Presumed Dead’  (Young Adult-Crossover, 75,000 words)

‘Cy De Gerch is a product of a Martian military genetics experiment, a seventeen year old girl designed to meld with a starship’s weapons system. After a war game turns into a life and death battle with enemy aliens, and an attempt to sweet talk an insane torpedo out of exploding fails, Cy is marooned a thousand light years from home, alone with ghosts and monsters.

And the last thing she wants is rescue.’

Both books are completed. Expressions of interest contact Rick Kennett:  rickkenau(at)yahoo(dot)com


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