Poetry & Non-Fiction


“Fred the Spider”: Poem, Antipodean SF #128, January 2009.

“The Richest Man in the Cemetery”: EOD #7, 1992; Linq, Vol. 19, #2, 1993; Scavenger’s Newsletter #154, Dec 1996; and Braquemard #8, 2001.

“Shangri-La Star”: The Scribbler, #1, September-October 1987; Keene SF, Vol. 2, #3, 1997.

“Downwind”: EOD #7, 1992.

“When We Played in the Mortuary Station”: Linq, Vol. 17, #2, 1990.

“The BEM”: Australian Horror & Fantasy Magazine #4, 1985

“That Crazy Sky”: Crux #4, 1981.

“Margo In Orbit”: Enigma, 1979.


“Idiot Plot in The Martian Chronicles”: An article in Choking Dog Gazzette, #8, 2012.

“Radio Daze”: An article concerning my years hosting an SF/F/H program on Melbourne’s public radio station 3PBS, improbably titled “Pilots into the Unknown.” Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine #21, January 2006; Tabula Rasa (web site), 2006.

“Shades of Grey: The Ship that Died of Shame”: Discusses the 1952 Nicholas Monsarrat novella and the 1955 film made from it, depicting a gunboat with a proud war record and its subsequent fall from grace as a smuggler’s vessel and physical disintegration, and asks whether it’s a crime or a ghost story. All Hallows #21, June 1999; Tabula Rasa (web site), 2005.

“A Comparison of This Island Earth with Its Pulp Origins”: Contrasts the 1955 movie with the story’s original appearance as a three-part serial by Raymond F. Jones in the pages of Thrilling Wonder Stories, 1949-1950. Published in Metaluna #30, 1989; Tabula Rasa (web site), 2005.

“Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, or, Paranoia vs. Ignorance: Cause and FX”: Often overlooked in any critique of this famous SF film is the fact that the aliens originally came in peace and were greeted with a barrage of artillery. Published in Metaluna #21, 1988; The Golden Age of Flying Saucers, Vol. I, #5, Feb/March 1998; Tabula Rasa (web site), 2005.

“Finding Carnacki the Ghost-Finder“:  A true story of coincidence and sychronicity that led from a chance purchase in a Canberra bookshop to the publication of the hardback edition of “472 Cheyne Walk: Carnacki, the Untold Stories,” SF Commentary #78, 2003; Tabula Rasa (web site), 2005.

“Fontana’s Great Ghost Stories Series”: A bibliography of this 20-volume anthology series. Published in Sirius #2, 1993, and All Hallows #12, June 1996; Tabula Rasa (web site), 2005.

Fourteen Ghosts in the Twilight Zone”: Between 1959 and 1964, The Twilight Zone aired 156 episodes. Fourteen of them were ghost stories. All Hallows #17, March 1998; Tabula Rasa (web site), 2005.

“The Ghost Book Series”: A bibliography of this series of ghost story anthologies. All Hallows #20, February 1999; Tabula Rasa (web site), 2005.

The Invaders: The Show, the Model and Me”: In 1968, the SF show The Invaders screened on Australian TV — and I was there with my ray gun and plastic model saucer, waiting. The Gold Age of Flying Saucers, Vol. 2, #1, June/July 1998.

“Australia’s First Naval Casualty Remains a Mystery”: Written with C.S. Fuqua. In September 1914, Australia’s first submarine, the AE1, disappeared without a trace while on patrol in New Guinea waters. Published inWarship Annual (Conway), 1992.

“The Birth of a Booklet: Synchronicity, or, Intersecting Parallel Lines”: Written with Chico Kidd. An outline of the amazing coincidences which brought together Chico Kidd and Rick Kennett to collaborate on this booklet of Carnacki the Ghost Finder pastiches. Published in 472 Cheyne Walk (Ghost Story Society), 1992.

Introduction”: Outlines how Ernie Pine came about and the inspiration behind each story. Published in The Reluctant Ghost Hunter (Haunted Library), 1991.

“Australia’s Stake in America’s Civil War”: Written with B.L. Fuqua and C.S. Fuqua. On January 18, 1864, the Confederate raider Shenandoah arrived off the port of Melbourne in the budding Australian colony of Victoria. It was to cause an international incident. Published in Naval History (USN), Vol. 3, #2, 1989.

“Peter Nicholls Interview”: Written with Jill Carrick. SF editor and commentator Peter Nicholls is know chiefly as the co-compiler of the massive Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. Published in Aphelion #4, 1986.






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