Presumed Dead  CAST OF WONDERS #314 – #320, serialized 19 August –                                                                                                                            18 September ’18

“Famous First Words”  TALL TALE TV, 31 August, ’18

“On the Other Side”  TALE TO TERRIFY #343, August, ’18

“Ep and the Aliens”  TALL TALE TV, 13 July, ’18

“Awkward” (short story) TALL TALE TV, 25 May, 18

“The Steeple Monster”  TALES TO TERRIFY #318, March ’18

“Blame it on Bertie”  TALL TALE TV, 11 November, ’17

“The Windows”  TALES TO TERRIFY #262, February, ’17

“Isle of the Dancing Dead”  CAST OF WONDERS #235, February, ’17

The Silent Garden”  TALES TO TERRIFY #211, February ’16

The Silent Garden”  TALES TO TERRIFY #211, February ’16

The Cross Talk”  ANYTHING GHOST #214, October ’15

Timelines”  CAST OF WONDERS #173, August ’15

The Road to Utopia Plain”  DUNESTEEF AUDIO FICTION MAGAZINE #139,                                                                                                                                       January ‘13

Now Cydonia”  CAST OF WONDERS #71, March ‘13

The Carmel B Crazies”  CAST OF WONDERS #89, August ‘13

The View from Stickney Crater”  CAST OF WONDERS #103, November ‘13

Now Cydonia”  CAST OF WONDERS #71, March ‘13

“The Dark and What It Said” at  PSEUDOPOD #272, March ’12

“The Battle of Leila the Dog” at  DUNESTEEF AUDIO FICTION MAGAZINE, April  ’11


“Time in a Rice Bowl” at DUNESTEEF AUDIO FICTION MAGAZINE, August ‘09

“The Seas of Castle Hill Road” at DUNESTEEF AUDIO FICTION MAGAZINE,                                                                                                                                  November, ’08

“Chinese Whispers” at THE WRITING SHOW

“The Dark and What It Said” at THE WRITING SHOW, GHAST FEST, October ‘08



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