“The Outsider,” featuring the reluctant ghost hunter Ernie Pine. The story first appeared in Ghosts & Scholars and now appears in The Year’s Best Horror Stories XXI, published by DAW Books

“Out of the Storm,” a haunting tale involving the missing minesweeper-corvette HMAS Barrinji. The story appears in the trade paperback Terror Australis, the Best of Australian Horror, available from Coronet Books, Hodder & Stoughton


EOD magazine Best Short Story Award (for “Dead Air”), 1992.

2008 Ditmar Award: Short Fiction: “The Dark and What it Said”


2008 Ditmar Award, Short story: “The Dark and What It Said”

2008 Aurealis Award, Horror short story: “The Dark and What It Said”

2002 Ditmar Award: Short fiction: “Whispers” (with Paul Collins)

2002 Aurealis Award: Horror short story: “Whispers” (with Paul Collins)

1998 Ditmar Award: Short fiction: “The Willcroft Inheritance” (with Paul Collins)

1993 Ditmar Award: Short fiction: “The Seas of Castle Hill Road”


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