My Cy De Gerch novel Presumed Dead was a finalist in the 2017 Australian Shadows Award in the Best Novel catagory. A little odd as the Australian Shadows are a horror award and Presumed Dead is ostensibly science fiction. The ghosts who haunt Cy, a seventeen year old Martian naval officer, are for the most part psychological as she spends most of the story utterly whacko-jacko. On the other hand her best buddy Lazarus the spider is bound to delight all arachnophobes; and this is to say nothing of the monster wedge of hairy jelly that whistles and howls and stalks her world on hydraulic stilts.

A further nine adventures of this often mentally unbalanced Martian girl are chronicled in the collection Thirty Minutes for New Hell. Two of these stories, “Now Cydonia” and “The Road to Utopia Plain”, won Parsec Awards for best podcasts in 2013.

Ernie Pine is a ghost hunter who hates being a ghost hunter. Inexplicably, he would rather run away screaming than face up to a spectre or demon. Read about the failure of his spook-avoidance tactics in the novel The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, the novella In Quinn’s Paddock and in three short stories in the collection The Dark and What It Said: “The Outsider,” “The Seas of Castle Hill Road” and “Time in a Rice Bowl.” The title story of this collection won the 2008 Ditmar.

All five books are available on Amazon in either ebook or paperback format.