My day job is as a courier which normally keeps me busy, picking up and delivering throughout the suburbs. But on one particular day about 20 years ago things were quiet, so being nearby I decided to go for a walk in Boroondara General Cemetery which is in the Melbourne suburb of Kew. I had a two-way radio slung over my shoulder in a leather pouch, and had one ear listening in case I was called for a job. But for the moment all I heard were conversations between base and other couriers.
Walking along the cemetery’s main path I spotted up ahead an ornate tomb of white marble columns surrounded by a low wall. Obviously someone had had a lot of money in life. I wandered over to see who it’d been.
As I leaned over the tomb wall to read the bronze plaque inside I heard a courier say over my two-way, “I’ve just picked up from Symes,” which is a big magazine publisher here in Melbourne and one of our major clients. A second later I read on the plaque, “David Symes” – the founder of the Symes magazine publishing company.
Feeling the hair standing up on the back of my neck I left the cemetery in a hurry.