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Rick’s having problems with his internet server so he asked me to post this:

Ooooooo! Hold the bus!! News just in via the email magic of the portable-type telly-o-phone. My Cast of Wonders story “Now Cydonia” is a finalist in the Parsec Awards. Crikey, Struth, and Corh Blimey! The Parsecs will be awarded at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday 31st August.

Rick, floating up to the ceiling in a rose perfumed cloud

Rick looking Happy.

Rick looking Happy.

PS  Just checked the Parsec finalists’ page. “Now Cydonia” is there under “Best Speculative Fiction: Small Cast” (one or two voice actors). But scrolling down I find under “Best Speculative Fiction: Large Cast” (more than two voice actors) “The Road to Utopia Plain” by Dunesteef. Golly gosh! I have two stories as Parsec finalists. How insufferable is this going to make me!