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OUT NOW…but print format sold out! Available as eBook…

472 Cheyne Walk, Carnacki: the Untold Stories

by A. F. (Chico) Kidd and Rick Kennett

Although the print version is now sold out, the book is still available in eBook format from Ash Tree Press, a collection of twelve new adventures of William Hope Hodgson’s famous “ghost finder.”  Contents:  “The Darkness,” “Matheson’s Inheritance,” “The Silent Garden”, “The Case of the Grey Dog”, “The Steeple Monster”, “The Witch’s Room”, “The Roaring Paddocks”, “The Psychic Doorway”, “The Sigsand Codex”, “The Keeper of the Minter Light”, “Arkright’s Tale” and “The Gnarly Ship.”

For further inquiries, contact Ash Tree Press at P.O. Box 1360, Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada, VOK lA0, or visit their website.